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Author: Rajkishore Nayak

Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology

Date published: 2017

ISBN: 9780081009505

Page: 416

Keyword: Electronic books; Mannequins

Local: GT1749 .N112R 2017              P. 402 – Thư viện Tạ Quang Bửu

Summary: The book is a key resource for all those engaged in textile and apparel development and production, and for academics engaged in research into textile science and technology. Providing the contents as: Introduction to manikins; Types of thermal manikin; Manikins in shop display; Introduction to clothes manikins; Evaluation of thermo-physiological comfort of clothing using manikins; Evaluation of ergonomics; Comparison of manikin tests with wearer trials; Drape measurement technique using manikins with the help; Evaluation of heat and flame protective performance; Evaluation of steam and hot liquid splash protection using thermal; Manikins for evaluation of pressure performance ; Manikins for medical textile evaluation; Defense applications of manikins ; Automotive applications of manikins; Thermo-physiological simulation; Future directions in the use of manikins