Biochemistry:concepts and connections

Biochemistry:concepts and connections

Author: Dean R. Appling

Publisher: Pearson

Date published: 2019

ISBN: 9781292267203

Page: 925

Keyword: Biochemistry

Local: RB112.5 .A109D 2019    P. 411 – Thư viện Tạ Quang Bửu


Biochemistry: Concepts and Connections engages students with a unique approach to visualization, synthesis of complex topics, and connections to the real world. The author team builds quantitative reasoning skills and provides students with a rich, chemical perspective on biological processes. The text emphasizes fundamental concepts and connections, showing how biochemistry relates to practical applications in medicine, agricultural sciences, environmental sciences, and forensics. 

The newly revised 2nd Edition integrates even more robust biochemistry-specific content in Mastering Chemistry, creating an interactive experience for today’s students. New Threshold Concept Tutorials help students master the most challenging and critical ideas in biochemistry, while Interactive Case Studies connect course material to the real world by having students explore actual scientific data from primary literature.



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