Protecting groups: strategies and applications in carbohydrate chemistry

Protecting groups: strategies and applications in carbohydrate chemistry

AEdited: Sébastien Vidal

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

Date published: 2019

ISBN: 9783527340101

Page: 502

Keyword: Chemistry; Carbohydrates

Local: QD321 .P435g 2019    P. 411 – Thư viện Tạ Quang Bửu

Summary: A unique overview of the most important protecting group strategies in carbohydrate chemistry

Protecting Groups: Strategies and Applications in Carbohydrate Chemistry provides a detailed account of key strategies and methodologies for the protection of carbohydrates. Divided into two parts, the first focuses on groups that are used best to protect a specific position on a carbohydrate. In the second part, specific carbohydrate residues or compounds are discussed in the context of a specific protecting group strategy used to reach the desired regioisomer. This important book:

- Features chapters on protecting groups at the primary and secondary positions of carbohydrates
- Describes protecting group strategies towards sialic acid derivatives, glycofuranoses, sulfated glycosaminoglycans, and cyclodextrins

- Provides information on automated glycan assembly

- Includes a chapter on the industrial scale synthesis of heparin analogs