Reading Rooms


Ta Quang Buu Library includes 06 reading rooms:

 * Thesis reading room (Room 220): including Doctor and master theses of Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

 * Newspaper and magazine reading room (Room 404): serves new newspapers and magazines in Vietnamese, English and Russian languages.

 * Specialized reading room: materials are arranged alphabetically by scientific major of the Library Congress Classification (at 4 and 5 floor)

Detailed information about materials in the rooms:

 Room 402: specialized reading room from A - P

 Room 411: specialized reading room from Q - S

 Room 419: specialized reading room from T - TJ

 Room 526: specialized reading room from TK - Z

Detailed content of materials for specialized reading rooms, refer here.

 Procedure for using the specialized reading rooms:

1. Look up materials on the web page --> to know the material's location.

2. Check student card at the librarian’ desk before entering the specialized reading room. Read the library rules posted on the front door of the reading room carefully before entering the room.

3. Go to bookshelves and select materials yourself. Per time, each reader can take one book and one dictionary to read, after reading, return them on the regulated table and continue take another book.

4. Before leaving the reading room, please check materials. Bring books out of library is prohibited.

Video on how to use the in-site reading service:

If you have any questions, please ask libarian