Ta Quang Buu Library have two circulation rooms:
1. Textbooks circulation room 111
  • Serve textbooks written by the lecturers at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. There are currently about 2000 textbook titles with about 180000 copys.
  • This is open stack; you can choose the material yourself.
Function and mission:
  • Consulting, answer questions and guiding readers.
  • Payment for graduation, replace books
  • Check out and check in textbook
  • Pay deposit
Arrange materials in the textbook circulation:
On the shelves, the books are arranged according to LCC (like the specialized reading rooms), in the order from left to right, from top to bottom of each shelf compartment (on the shelves have stickers indicating the book title) 
Check out and check in rules:
  • Check out:
- Quantity: maximum 08 books.
- During: 60 days.
- Extend: one time in 30 days
Check out process:
 a1. Keep your bags at the locker, go to the stack to choose books yourself (please read the stack diagram carefully  before going to the stack to choose books)
 a2. Bring the books to the librarian desk or use automatic borrowing machine.
 a3. Get the books and check the your account before leaving.
Check in process:
Readers bring books to the automatic circulation machine (no need student card) or to the librarian's desk to return materials
 2. Reference book circulation: room 102
  • Check out and check in reference books in Vietnamese and foreign languages, literature books.
  • Quantity: maximum 05 books.
  • During:  30 days. 
  • Extend: one time in 07 days
Circulation process:
 b1. Present student card at the librarian desk
 b2. Go to the bookshelves to choose materials yourself
 b3. Bring materials to the librarian desk
 b4. Receive the materials and check the reader’s account before leaving
Video on how to use the borrowing material here